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We are your Number one in the field of tyres, rims and accessories wholesale. Our goal is to ensure a simple purchasing process at the lowest price and a whole service for free.
Registration is completely free and without obligation for you! Sign up now and benefit from the growing success of our marketplace! Whether you are a tyre or rim dealer, a car dealer or repair shop, all participants in the marketplace benefit from favourable wholesale prices, the large number of providers, the gigantic range, the improved market and price transparency or additional sales opportunities.
Nowadays you can find almost every major wholesaler as a supplier on www.tyre100.de, www.tyre100.at, www.tyre100.fr and the number of client registrations in Europe has increased over 40,000. Camodo AG look forward each year of growth rates that are above average.
Conditions for a successful participation are: Your business is older than 6 months and not a secondary occupation. Your business must be in the tyre trade or automotive sector (e.g. tyre dealers, car dealerships, garages, service stations, spare parts distribution). Successful creditworthiness.
We consider ourselves as a loyal partner of the tyre trade.
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